Hampton Court Palace

To commemorate 500 years since Henry VIII’s accession to the English throne, Hampton Court Palace has been interpreted for visitors for the first time. The marriage of Henry to Kateryn Parr is used as a lens through which the state apartments are observed and explained, and the protagonists’ stories retold.

Printing technology and materials are, so far as possible, sympathetic to the period: screenprinting on silk and linens, hand-made paper and gilding on lead are some of those used. Twenty-four beribboned lime trees have been selected and planted to evoke a celebratory processional entrance, and twelve illustrated tablecloths describe the ornate decoration of the Great Hall.

At the heart of the complex in the Council Chamber, a temporary exhibition celebrates Henry’s family life through rarely seen oil portraits and artefacts. After three months, the room set reverts to a filmic evocation of the debating chamber.

An intimate garden has been planted in a formal contemporary style, with heraldic beasts and texts.

Design for HRP led by Della Cooper; design of the temporary exhibition, Henry’s Women, by Karl Abeyasekera; garden design by Todd Longstaffe-Gowan; graphic design by Lucy or Robert.