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Roots are wriggling

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

The Iberian Wight garlic has survived the winter! It’s taken since mid-October to show; a combination of harsh temperatures and perhaps planting too deep has delayed them. I noticed today, in planting 46 cloves of Solent Wight, that I was tending to plant too deep. It looks like we’re going to major in garlic this year: those 46 were from 2 bulbs, and we have another yet. The Solents and the 27 Iberians are from Pennard Plants, the latter via our crop last July.

Otherwise, the clearout continues: cardoon, gone; brussel sprouts, gone; chard, gone. Of the cabbage and pak choi seeds planted in September, only 10% are flourishing, though the pak choi is starting to look as if it really means to flourish. I’ll have to count the spring onions to see if the same percentage applies: if so, we can look forward to a mere 15! Disappointing, but really, what could we expect with no protection from weather or marauders? No announcement yet from the raspberries as to their hardiness. But, hey, the rhubarb is waking up and the now naturalised sorrel and rocket are wriggling their roots.

We hear with pleasure that two more pairs of gardeners are in discussion with Hugh about establishing more plots.