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Monday, January 10th, 2011

A wonderful sunlit day, after weeks of grey, not to mention the white. Ten days into January and the sun is blazing at 4.00pm: the beds are getting emptier, cleaner and richer.

We are worried by the no-show of garlic and raspberry shoots, planted well before the white weather, but there’s still time to put some more in.

landwallThese sprouts may be our last: the habits of the brassica family are not well suited to
our own. Mind you, they accompanied a rib of beef very satisfactorily, tossed in butter and fennel seeds. And those purple caulis from Charles last year were something very special.


Meanwhile, at supper with Hugh and Adriana, gardening on paper explored new plots for the new year, differing compost cultures, and developments across the wall.