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A head-full . . .

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Huge calabrese (apparently labelled broccoli in supermarkets) – fabulous eating w. cheese sauce, even in flower. Peas. Enormous purple cauliflower (going to try it roasted next), size verified by Paul’s rugby ball. Whopping courgettes. Beans (larger Aquadulce Claudia need firm staking, have thick skins but good flavour; smaller Crimson Flour’d are compact plants with gently scented flowers and good textured beans). Chard. Leek flowers (Garden Organic would not approve of leaving last year’s crop to flower but Acrolepiopsis assectella and Phytomyza gymnostoma would). Rampant squashes. Baby black hambro’. Rhubarb. Garlic. And on. And on. And on!

Allium sativum

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Planted last November in the old beds, these beauties have thrived in the most wintriest winter and summerly summer of recent years, to be cropped on 2 July. Sourced from Pennard Plants, 24 Iberian Wight yielded 27 bulbs, and 3 Elephants bore 3, plus natural baby pearls. While they dry, the kitchen is pervaded by a delicious aroma. Although I’ve probably tied them up too tight, they look a bit garotted.