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Thursday, January 14th, 2010

One of our favourite entries and one of the three finalists, Adam Shapland’s strawberry beds, which use the shed structure as a growing surface. Below, plans, diagrams and model visuals, outline his thought processes. The form of the shed echoes shepherd’s steps or the strip-lynchets of the surrounding landscape.






Three winners

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

The competition to design a garden shed for our plot at Hadspen has produced three winners, voted for by the students & tutors of Greenwich University and us, their clients. First is Jennifer’s design for a module which can be used to create a single or multiple constructions adroitly offering various outcomes, small units or larger grouped units or social enclosures. Second is Kristian’s rather cool design for a concrete and timber shed on two levels, neatly combining a requisite water collection system and a cold frame. Third, Adam’s fresh take on a strawberry bed – Fragaria, posted above – impacts least on the growing space available as the entire surface of the shed is given over to planting – one of the real revelations of Adam’s work is how beautiful his drawing is. Both Kristian and Adam took the siting of their designs into detailed consideration: the  relationship to the walled enclosure, movement of sun and shadow around the structures, the view. A heartfelt thanks to all entrants, and congratulations to our thoroughly deserving winners. Pictured below are two of Kristian’s visuals. More project images available in due course.




Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

We thought this entry by Kieron Peaty, inspired by Manuel Villa’s Habitable Polyhedron, deserved a post of its own. This was not the winner which says something nice about the quality of entries. This is one of twelve projects by the students which we hope will be exhibited at the Museum of Garden History in Lambeth. More details of winning entries to follow.

123 visualCompod-Construction

The garden shed: a review

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

An exciting day on 10 November at Greenwich with Atelier 6 and their sheds. Fascinating work by all students and a delight to talk through each of the projects. Keep an eye out for links on the right under the heading Atelier 6. Below a few images from the day and the results will be out on 2 December.

The garden shed

Friday, October 16th, 2009

With the help of our friend Cordula Weisser, an architect and tutor at Greenwich University, a project to design our garden shed is underway. It is not just our shed that is being considered but rather how a system of sheds may work within the walled garden for the current and future plotters. A beautiful sunny Tuesday brought twenty architecture students to Hadspen. Atelier 6 are 3rd- and 2nd- year students tutored by WAG (Working Architecture Group).

We started by looking at plans and a model of the walled garden; FOA’s unrealised proposal; some of the garden competition entries. Paul introduced the estate and other projects on the drawing board: a wooden model of Florian Beigel’s design; work by David Grandorge’s students of the Metropolitan University. The office itself met with complete approval. A walking tour took us to a container which wondrously reveals a library; the Smithson obelisk; the walled garden and then our plot. Lunch at the Mill was followed by a quick tour of Charles Dowding’s organic vegetable garden – all of which was educative and stimulating. The impressive group of students asked searching questions throughout: How long might we remain at Hadspen? Would we entertain at the plot? Would a greenhouse element to a shed be useful? Should the shed/s be mobile?

Progress on the project will be posted over the next seven weeks. Heady stuff.

office container librarylibrary