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23 January 2013

Robert and I toasted the closure of our time plotting at Hadspen in September 2012. The house is for sale. Our part in the walled garden has come to an end with some sadness, but with magical and joyful memories. A very special place with an extraordinary atmosphere. At times like a gardening version of a 19th century salon, with numerous parties and interesting people: a friend said ‘like walking on to a movie set’. At times completely peaceful, being with unstartled deer and hares.


20 May 2012

The communal compost turning revealed nicely fragrant dark fertile stuff, and an unexpected inhabitant! Thanks to Seb who gamely joined in.


Just don’t mention the weather

20 April 2012



29 March 2012

quinceThis quince tree, a gift from Penny, makes a lovely arch shape towards the katabatic gate. Cydonia Oblonga was first planted in England at the Tower of London in 1275. And thank you Penny, for the baby box hedge too.

boxThe chervil and sorrel are flourishing, the garlic and rhubarb beginning to come on.
sorrelP1080540scorzonera garlicraspberries

January weather

3 February 2012

weather report january 2012

Up & down

8 January 2012

The garlic’s up! A new path is down; and December’s weather was thankfully unspectacular: perhaps the parsnips would prefer more frost?

P1080238parsnipweather report december 2011

Weather report 7

8 December 2011

weather report november 2011


27 November 2011

It’s uplifting to see what the summer’s work camp in the walled garden has achieved. A handsome alignment of paths and ample compost area. Being in the right place at the right time: a splendid gift from yesterday’s shoot.



23 October 2011


Dowding Wight

23 October 2011

43 cloves of garlic planted today, given to us by Charles Dowding; an unspecified variety issuing from generations raised by himself. Planted in beds as yet unaffected by white rot, following broad beans, peas & sweetcorn; watch this space.